PDF eBook with Action Video Links!

When you purchase my ebook, “Start Your Own Screen Printing Business” you will have the ultimate guide to starting your very own Screen Printing business. I’ve included more than 16 very helpful video links! These videos are visual aids that coincide with the written text because I believe that “seeing” is even better than reading! FYI I have also provided my personal contact info at the end of the book and I am available to answer any questions that you will have!

This downloadable PDF ebook was written by yours truly Christine Delvecchio (AKA The T-shirt Lady) and I’m a successful screen printing and embroidery business owner with over 25 years of experience! Check out the videos below to see just a few facets of what this book will teach you about Starting your own t-shirt business. You’ll see that I have done very well in this business, but honestly that part is just a bonus! It’s a fun creative field and I truly love it!


A Retro Video Of My Business…


This is a video that I shot with my Crew a few years back, A lot has changed! Hips and hair for one (LOL) but luckily my business has doubled in size as well! Very much worth watching, it’s a  fun video!

Meet the Author/Mentor. (Yours Truly)!

Here’s Christine AKA The T-shirt Lady. Listen and watch this video to learn more about what’s specifically covered in the “Learn How To Start Your Own Screen Printing Business” book and why she is sharing this info!

Take a tour of my successful Screen Printing Business!

In this video I will take you on a tour of my personal business! I will point out several of the things that will be covered in the book: “How To Start Your Own Screen Printing Business” – Come see!