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  • A PDF formatted book (approx… 65 pages) that covers all the necessary screen printing equipment that you will need to start your own screen printing business. I’m not a sales rep so I cover what you NEED not what I want to sell to you! Specifically, screen printing presses, tools, flash cure units, heat presses, oven, screen burning and reclaiming equipment, computers, printers, software and suppliers etc.
  • More than 16 video links that “show you” what I am writing about (seeing is better than reading).
  • Ongoing mentorship! I will provide my contact info and I am available to answer any questions that you have that pertain to the info in my book; (often times I will answer questions via video unless your question is easily answered via email).
  • My wisdom (I’m not being silly here) we all have our own areas of expertise, the Screen Printing Industry has become one of mine. If I can’t answer your question I will direct you to someone that can.