You may have heard that statistically seven years is the trial period for a start-up business of any sort. I’m inclined to think that you can cut both the time and risk back significantly if you have a knowledgeable mentor! I am passionate about this business! The sky is really the limit and I happen to be one of the rare ones that care enough to share the information. I promise that if you listen to me you will learn a lot! I will save you both time and money by sharing my knowledge and steering you away from some of the mistakes that I made in the beginning – Christine DelVecchio

All American Screen Printing and Embroidery began in a basement in Roseville MI and has evolved into a solid, reputable and prosperous mid-sized Screen Printing Business with an excellent growth track record EVEN in a down economy! All American Screen Printing has been featured in National Trade Magazines such as The Publication “Impressions” Magazine along with others such as Vue Royale in Denmark and “All Business” (a D&B company) as well as NUMEROUS local News stories. All American Screen Printing also earned a reputation as a teaching facility for all age groups. We host literally thousands of students each year including everyone from the curious Boy Scout to the serious Entrepreneur.

In the 1990’s All American became a more philanthropic type of business; helping our community, supporting various ministries and other non-profit entities. These ties into some of my Marketing strategies which I will be sharing in my sequel E-book

The next obvious steps to for me was to package the 25 years of knowledge and help the start-up business owner with a series of educational (straight to the point e-books). My first Book is titled “How To Start Your Own Screen Printing Business.” This book will be followed by others which will include Marketing and Trade Secret tips!