Learn How To Start A T-Shirt Screen Printing & Embroidery Business


Welcome to T-shirtBiz.com! If you are looking to start your own Screen Printing Business my book covers ALL of the necessary start up equipment you’ll need.

My plan is to help you cut to the chase and save money! I’m not a supplier, I’m a teacher and I have an expert level of experience and knowledge which I will relay in simple laymen’s terms. I’ll show you what you will NEED (equipment wise) to start…not what someone tries to sell you. I also cover what’s OK to purchase used and what I have learned is NOT OK. I have been in this industry for many years now and I’m the President of a very well established and successful mid-size shop which is also known locally (Detroit Area) as a teaching facility! (I’m the teacher)

I love this business and I have personal experience at every possible capacity including Screen Printing (pulling a squeegee)!

Here’s what I think is extra special about my book. It’s 65 pages of typing, but the awesome part is that since it’s an e-book I was able to shoot 15 plus videos and link them to the book. So, as you read a section you click the video link and I take you on a visual demo tour!

Even better… once you purchase the book and watch the videos that’s not the end… I’m still available to help and answer questions. I provide contact info on the very last page of the book  🙂

Christine Delvecchio (AKA The T-shirt Lady)